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JNG Investments OÜ bought a holding in NB Quality Group OÜ, our strategic partner

JNG Investments OÜ, which operates in the Baltics and Finland, has acquired a strategic 50% holding in NB Quality Group OÜ. JNG Investments has 7000 business clients in the Baltic States and Finland, whose main activities are wholesale of food, staple goods, lubricants and logistic services. The reason for the investment is the high growth potential of NB Quality Group, particularly the business potential of own trademark on international markets. After engaging a new investor, NB Quality Group intends to develop and innovate the NB Quality range of products even further and to increase its market share in Estonian, Baltic and Scandinavian care chemicals’ markets.

Kait Liinev, JNG Investments OÜ: "Our Group owns the sales and marketing company Jungent and the logistics company Via 3L. With the help of these companies, we have developed a good supply chain management, online ordering centers and international transportation department, which will definitely give NB Quality Group a good developmental boost. Since Jungent enterprises have been operating as the macro distributor of Shell Lubricants in the region for more than 10 years, we represent Cassida food industry lubricants and Houghton metalworking fluids, the overlap between our client base and business interests is quite significant. The product assortment of NB Quality Group reaches 1000 of articles and its management is an interesting challenge for us. We are certainly interested in the business potential of NB Quality's own trademark, since until now we have been representing mostly well-known trademarks in the Baltics. One of the key reasons for the investment was also the fact that the founders and managers Urmo Aava and Silver Kütti have an impeccable reputation in the automotive sector, which fits the values of our company.”

Urmo Aava, NB Quality Group: “NB Quality Group has become one of the leading enterprises in Estonian care chemicals and accessories market in the last nine years and consistently developed a range of its own products. Today we have over 1000 clients in the automotive, industrial, heavy machinery and agriculture sectors in Estonia. The NB Quality product series is exported to Finland, Latvia, Lithuania and Poland. JNG Investments Group has been our long-term strategic partner for the distribution of NB Quality's own product range in Latvia and Lithuania. Involving JNG Investments Group as an investor gives us the opportunity to grow our own product range and increase its market share.”

All this should, in the near future, significantly improve the quality of NB Quality Group products and services.

NB Quality Group OÜ was founded 2009. The net turnover of the company was 1.2 million euros in 2017. The company serves about 1000 corporate clients in Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland and Finland, and employs 12 employees.

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