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JNG Investments acquires 100% of AS Balt-Hellin

JNG Investments acquires 100% of AS Balt-Hellin

In the course of the transaction, JNG Investments OÜ will acquire a 100% holding in wholesaler AS Balt-Hellin, which is based in Tartu and supplies raw materials to companies involved in food production and processing.

JNG Investments OÜ bought a holding in NB Quality Group OÜ, our strategic partner

JNG Investments OÜ, which operates in the Baltics and Finland, has acquired a strategic 50% holding in NB Quality Group OÜ. JNG Investments has 7000 business clients in the Baltic States and Finland, whose main activities are wholesale of food, staple goods, lubricants and logistic services. The reason for the investment is the high growth potential of NB Quality Group, particularly the business potential of own trademark on international markets. After engaging a new investor, NB Quality Group intends to develop and innovate the NB Quality range of products even further and to increase its market share in Estonian, Baltic and Scandinavian care chemicals’ markets.

Vertigo workshop

We are glad to announce the opening of Vertigo workshop in October 2012. Our mission is to pass the culinary knowledge of our principals and ourselves to foodservice . The workshop is equipped so that we can make hot & cold drink, coctail trainings by Mr. Helger Aava, convenience-food training by Merike Tõrv, product training by a sales-team.

Jungent Foodservice B2B web-shop

Austatud klient!

Jungent Foodservice has opened B2B web-store where english speaking business customers can order goods from brand marketer in Estonia. is meant to simplify Horeca sector customer ordering process by 24/7 access. Store has public opening page dedicated to special offers (discounts to new or close-to-expiring products. The other pages are for logged in customers only. You can order username and password by e-mail or by calling to Jungenti Foodservice division sales assistant Anneli Viikmaa 6663802 (direct All new customers will receive the username and password automatically as appendix to the contract.