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Vertigo workshop

We are glad to announce the opening of Vertigo workshop in October 2012. Our mission is to pass the culinary knowledge of our principals and ourselves to foodservice . The workshop is equipped so that we can make hot & cold drink, coctail trainings by Mr. Helger Aava, convenience-food training by Merike Tõrv, product training by a sales-team.


Paldiski mnt 9, töötuba 15, Tallinn 10137 telefon +372 6663829

The 25m2 workshop is available for rent for busoness partners and customers only. The inventory includes AEG steam-oven, Electrolux fridge (from +6C till -22C), fast dish-washer for cups and glasses, extra workspace on wheels 180 cm*80cm, 8 bar-chairs, Samsung 46" Smart TV, Elica air-cleaning systems, top-of-the-class coffee and tea equipment.
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Comments (6)
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